We listen

Is it so remarkable to be heard, respected and supported by your advertising agency? Here, it’s simply how it’s done. We find solutions to our clients’ challenges by digging deep, communicating effectively and delivering timely results.

This advertising agency knows how to tell a story

Every brand has a story. Vendi video tells it best. See stories of exemplary service to Altra Federal Credit Union customers: A home saved, a future strengthened and a family dog’s favorite errand.

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We commonly hear that we are an advertising agency of exceptional listeners who provide creative, innovative marketing well-founded in research and data. Our work is made even better because we respect the knowledge and insight of our clients, leveraging their subject matter expertise.

Here’s another thing we hear: Vendi goes above and beyond to deliver. We are an advertising agency with uncommon talent, technology, experience and management to execute advertising, marketing, digital, web and video efficiently and successfully.

In a nutshell, we deliver results and value across all advertising channels, above and beyond what our clients expect.